Our Clients

Our clients include individual citizens, small businesses, independent contractors, and multi-million dollar companies.  We provide quality litigation and trial skills at every level and complexity of dispute.  As a result, we are experienced in protecting and defending our client’s interests across a broad range of areas.  We have previously represented the following client types:

  • Injured persons
  • New homeowners
  • Texas drivers
  • Terminated workers
  • Members of homeowners associations
  • General contractors
  • Commercial subcontractors
  • Oilfield suppliers
  • Product manufacturers
  • Convenience store owners/operators
  • Dog owners
  • Trucking companies

Our clients are not solely limited to the above listed areas. If you or your business have a legal issue we may be able to help.  Please fill out the form provided below to be contacted by an attorney within 24 hours.

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