Contract Disputes

Contract Disputes

Agreements are made to be kept.  However, not every party to an agreement always feels that way.  When that happens we are here to ensure a just result.  At Newton, Jones & Spaeth we regularly review and analyze contracts in the course of litigation, which include:

  • Insuring agreements;
  • Master service agreements;
  • Construction contracts;
  • Purchase agreements;
  • Commercial leases, etc.

Once a party has breached the terms of a contract we get involved.  The terms aren’t always clear and we are here to help ensure you get the benefit of your bargain.  Even though the agreement may not have been kept, we will keep your interests protected.

And remember, you may be a party to a contract even if there is nothing in writing.

If you are having issues with an agreement you have entered into please contact me directly at (713) 493-7626 or fill out the form below and an attorney will contact you within 24 hours:

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