Commercial Construction Issues

Construction Litigation 2 (470x168)

Major projects don’t always go as planned.  Commercial construction projects involve many different entities working together toward one common interest – a sound and functional building.  So when something goes wrong it can affect numerous parties and involve high dollar costs.  The bigger the project, the bigger the fallout.  At Newton, Jones & Spaeth we regularly represent parties involved in complex multi-story construction projects.   We have the knowledge base and experience to tackle the complex engineering issues that are involved in the construction of commercial, high rise, and multi-family structures.  With the right attorneys, your major project legal issues can be only minor inconveniences.

If you are an owner, general contractor, subcontractor or someone with a commercial construction related issue please contact me directly at (713) 493-7626 or fill out the form below and an attorney will contact you within 24 hours:

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